Guiding Principles & Policies

Partnership is our core value.

Institutional and organizational success are our ultimate goals, and our work is guided by these principles:

  • Collaboration: We tailor each search to our institutional partners and their distinctive needs and goals—with final authority always vested in them.
  • Diversity and Equity: We approach all of our partnerships with a deep commitment to institutional diversity and equity. Academic Search always seeks the most diverse and qualified applicant pool, and our extensive networks and organizational support efforts provide us unique access to underrepresented communities from which to draw potential candidates.
  • Commitment: We are diligent in ensuring that the consultant who makes the initial presentation to the selection committee remains for the duration of the search. The assigned consultant attends all meetings as requested, serves as the primary contact for both the committee and the candidates, and delivers consistent support and guidance at every stage of the search process.
  • Confidentiality: We maintain in strict confidence all candidate information to the degree permitted by state or institutional policies and ensure the safety of all records after the search is completed, in compliance with institutional, state, and EEOC guidelines.
  • Responsiveness: We believe all candidates and institutional/organization partners should be afforded honest, respectful, and timely communication.
  • Thoroughness: We assure due diligence regarding candidate background and reference checks, working with our research team and third-party sources when necessary.

These guiding principles are the reason why Academic Search has been chosen as a member of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants. Through our work, we are committed to upholding the AESC Code of Professional Practice.