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Strengthening the Foundation: Creating an Inclusive Environment for New Leaders

As an expression of Academic Search’s commitment, and as a complement to the work we do in executive search, we are honored to be engaged currently with the City University of New York System as it facilitates the transition of seven new campus presidents. Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez recognizes the critical work to be done following the appointment of new leadership, and this is all the more significant during the pandemic. A successful search does not end at the identification, selection, and announcement of the appointee; developing and implementing a well-structured transition and onboarding plan is imperative to ensuring a smooth, successful change of leadership. It is particularly important to keep the challenges of leadership in mind when transitioning and onboarding candidates from traditionally underserved populations, particularly those who are serving as pioneers in the institutions they now lead. Jay Lemons and Shirley Robinson Pippins bring their insights for keeping diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of any transition and onboarding plan.

2020 Vision: Sharpening the Lens for Hiring Leaders

In these turbulent and uncertain times, senior leaders are expected to be more adaptable than perhaps ever before and to have or develop new essential skills to address rapidly changing conditions during this pandemic and beyond. Leaders also need to have an even deeper awareness of systemic injustice, inequality, and privilege. As hiring authorities and search committees select new leaders through national searches or internal appointments, they must sharpen the lens through which they now evaluate candidates. Ginny Horvath, Senior Consultant, and Maya Kirkhope, Vice President for Consulting Services and Senior Consultant, identify how the following ten top leadership qualities and skills have been redefined for current and anticipated changes in higher education:

Financial Acuity • Cultural Competency • Technological Deftness • Crisis Management • Entrepreneurial Mindset • Political Savviness • Empathy and Respect • Multi-genre Communication Skills • High Emotional Intelligence • Agility