Executive Coaching Process

The Academic Search Executive Coaching Process is committed to integrating, accelerating, optimizing and sustaining executive leadership for institutional health and well-being. We engage a 6-Phase Executive Coaching Process that is focused, relevant, practical and actionable:

  1. Engagement: Engagement and fit between leader and executive coach are essential in the coaching partnership. We work with leaders and institutions to identify, refine, and execute the scope of the executive coaching engagement to ensure the best fit between the leader and executive coach.
  2. Awareness: Through a comprehensive design phase including an Executive Coaching Portfolio and validated assessments the leader and executive coach will gain insights into the leader’s performance, attitudes, values, strengths, beliefs and behaviors, hopes and goals, and impact. Any and all assessments utilized in the executive coaching partnership are developmental and will not be used to evaluate a leader’s performance.
  3. Integration: The Integration Phase focuses on integrating insights from the Baseline Phase to determine and commit to the action steps for the coaching partnership. What results is a focused and practical Executive Growth Plan that integrates the leader’s baseline results and insights and institutional priorities.
  4. Execution: The Execution Phase is committed to executing the Executive Growth Plan (EGP) through ongoing executive coaching.
  5. Results: The Results Phase is ongoing throughout the executive coaching engagement. Together we assess progress in the spirit of continuous improvement and adapt the EGP if and as needed to obtain the desired results. Additionally, we partner with the leader to develop a post-engagement plan to ensure the ongoing effectiveness, sustainability and well-being of the leader.
  6. Sustainability: An initial executive coaching engagement is six to twelve months. Near the conclusion of the initial engagement, we will assess with you the ongoing value of retainer executive coaching in the ongoing growth, optimization and sustainability of senior leaders and institutional priorities and initiatives.